Luciara cream is one of the many creams that helps in curing the stretch marks appearing during pregnancy. The stretch marks appearing on the skin can be reduced and removed with the regular application of this cream.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for every woman out there. Being able to bring life to the world, a life that will be just like us is a feeling that can be understood and reciprocated by a woman only. 

The female body is designed in a way to be able to give birth someday. Since the tender age of 11 and 12, puberty hits adolescent girls which activates the reproductive system in their body. It is assumed that by the age of 11 and 12, girls gain the required maturity and strength to be able to go through the cycles. It is based on the time taken by the ovaries, the reproductive system to be ready to start functioning.

And girls are made to get accustomed to the pain and misery every month and it becomes so habitual that it starts to become normal as well. Years of mess and nine-month of severe changes, pain, and irritation seem worth it when a mother holds her healthy baby in her arms. 

But with major body changes taking place, the skin stretches out of its normal capacity which further causes stretch marks. So, let us know more about stretch marks and luciara cream.


Luciara cream is a cream-based lotion helpful in preventing stretch marks on the skin. The cream is helpful with stretch marks occurring due to pregnancy. Let us know about the ingredients used in the making of the cream which are:

  • Glycerin – Known as glycerol according to medical terminology, glycerin is a liquid solution derived from animal and vegetable fats. The unique characteristic of glycerin is its ability to lock in moisture in the skin along with its healing and protective properties. We all have witnessed the presence of glycerin in some or many cosmetic products that we use regularly.  Glycerin is considered to be an excellent ingredient to solve skin problems and makes cosmetics neutral because of its moisturizing characteristics. It helps in cell production and repairs the cells quickly. Glycerin is also proficient in increasing the outermost layer of the skin increasing its thickness and hindering the entrance of skin infections. These properties of glycerin help with stretch mark reduction as well.
  • Petroleum or White soft paraffin – Popularly known as white petroleum jelly has been a part of our vanity box at least once. The jelly is derived from petroleum, a fossil fuel that is liquid and has the characteristics and benefits of the oil. The layer of the petroleum jelly, when applied to the skin, acts as a shield, protecting the skin from losing its moisture and benefitting its elasticity, softness. The jelly helps in breaking down the tissue known as collagen that causes stretch marks further helping in the reduction of stretch marks.
  • Beeswax (white) – The natural bleaching of the original yellow beeswax turns it into white colour. Originally, beeswax is very consistent and is very heavy and thick when applied to the skin. The processed white beeswax makes it lighter and improves the rate of absorption into the skin. White beeswax consists of antibacterial properties that help in locking the moisture of the skin and heal the affected areas.
  • Medium chain triglycerides – triglycerides are a type of fats that we consume daily in foods like butter, oils, etc. Interestingly, excessive consumption of food and beverages like sugar compounds or alcohol leads to the formation of fat cells in the form of triglycerides and gets stored in the body. The medium chain triglycerides are artificial fats made by man from palm and coconut oils to produce consumable fats. This chemical component helps in inducing weight loss and promoting the elasticity of the skin.
  • Sodium lactate – The lactic acid present in this ingredient gives an edge to luciara stretch mark cream because of its ability to penetrate the skin. The lactic acid is proven to affect the outermost layer of the skin – the epidermis and the layer below that, also known as – dermis where the problem of stretch marks occurs. The ability to penetrate within two layers of the skin is not the characteristic of many ingredients. This ingredient directly affects the problematic areas and helps in curing them.
  • Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate – It is an organic compound, a type of alcohol that is widely used in cosmetics and has beneficial characteristics for the skin. It can soothe the skin and make it soft with the help of skin conditioning qualities. In cosmetics, it is used as a water repellent, making the cosmetics stay intact and stopping them from spreading away due to water or sweat. It soothes the skin and helps in soothing the areas affected with stretch marks to induce cell repairment. The excellent combination of ingredients used for manufacturing the cream increases the luciara creams’ uses, benefits, and effectiveness.


Luciara cream use ingredients that are very popular yet underrated to provide benefits to the skin. The widely known ingredients like glycerin, beeswax, and petroleum jelly induce the trust of people upon the credibility of the product. The other chemical components like medium chain triglycerides (also known to be coconut oil), sodium lactate (lactic acid), etc. provides a perfect blend of ingredients to tackle the stretch marks in every way possible.

Let us know the uses of luciara cream and help people get stretch marks-free skin soon. So, the uses of luciara cream are:

Stretch Marks due to Pregnancy

Application of luciara cream during pregnancy is the main use of the product. The cream will help in providing moisture and hydration to the skin and its lightweight will help in the quick absorption of the cream. 

As we know, as the baby grows in the womb, the skin of the belly area rises too. During the growth of the baby, the skin around the belly becomes very dry and itchy due to constant cell production and changes taking place. 

Luciara cream helps in relieving the constant itchiness and hydrates the skin helping in getting rid of dry skin. The cream creates a protective layer around the belly, shielding it from within by penetrating deep into the dermis and keeping the skin healthy. Also, the cream is hypoallergenic, that is, it will not cause any allergic reactions that might cause trouble to the baby or would-be mother.


Stretch Marks due to weight loss or weight gain

Though pregnancy is considered to be the primary reason for the occurrence of stretch marks, there are many girls out there suffering from stretch marks problems that are not because of pregnancy.

Sudden weight gain in women is not only because of excessive intake of food but is also caused by hormonal imbalance. Problems like thyroid, diabetes, PCOS, or PCOD play a great deal in affecting the shape of the body. A sudden increase or decrease in the body does not allow the skin to have its time and grow naturally.

This leads to the occurrence of stretch marks generally in the abdomen, thighs, and calf regions. Luciara cream, though famous for stretch marks that occurred due to pregnancy, can be applied otherwise and tested. There are higher chances to see visible results because the properties of the stretch marks and the effectiveness of the cream do not change due to pregnancy. 

So, girls do not shy away from all the stretch marks you are wanting to hide away because we have a solution. There are high chances to receive positive results from luciara cream so do not lose hope.


Luciara cream price is a bit expensive to be affordable. An average price for a 50 grams tube of luciara cream will cost between Rs. 380 to 600. The varied price range occurs due to the influence of popular online websites that sell medicines.

However, we must go through different websites and choose the best price possible. Nowadays, various discounts, coupon codes, and cashback facilities help in getting good deals so make sure to be aware of them and use them wisely.


We know that luciara cream is a bit expensive and it might be troublesome for many to afford it. But what makes it expensive? There are two ways to decipher it:

  • It may be possible that the ingredients used in the cream are expensive along with the cost of manufacturing and a reasonable profit margin. All of this adds to the cost of the product that makes the cream expensive.
  • Another possible explanation could be that the effectiveness and popularity of luciara cream are spreading so widely that consumers are ready to make more for it. It is simply a market-driven principle so that the manufacturers can earn more money. An increase in demand for a product leads to an increase in its value.

So make a choice that suits you the best about buying the cream or not.

Before discussing further luciara cream, let us know about the stretch marks as well.


Stretch marks are the marks representing the stretched portion of our skin. Our skin is the most elastic organ in the body. Our skin changes and molds according to the need, it is very elastic. But our skin requires its own sweet time to induce cell production and expand or contract.

Stretch marks occur due to quick or abrupt changes in the body change. It is a type of scar that is not harmful but quite permanent if left untreated. There are various creams and remedies available in the market that help us get rid of them.


Before knowing about the causes of stretch marks, let us know about the common areas that fall prey to stretch marks, which are:

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Belly

These body parts are most affected when the changes in the body shape occur. Now let us know of the causes of luciara cream.

  • Thyroid – thyroid is becoming a common problem among many women, occurring due to the hormonal imbalances in the body. The two types of thyroids – hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism lead to sudden weight gain and weight loss respectively in the body. Now, the sudden changes in the weight and body shape cause stretch marks generally in the stomach or abdomen region.
  • Obesity – The severity of obesity is increasing day by day. In fact, global pandemics have restricted the activity of people thus leading them to put on a lot of weight. We all love food, especially fast foods, but there have been some limits or restrictions that have to be made by us. We have to learn to control our food intake otherwise deal with obesity and many other problems that it brings with itself along with stretch marks all over the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Pregnancy – we all know that the growth of the baby inside the womb leads to the expansion of the abdomen of women causing the skin cells to multiply rapidly. The pre and post-pregnancy changes affect the skin gravely leaving stretch marks in the abdomen regions. Also, over-eating during pregnancy can cause thighs and buttocks to store fats due to lack of mobility and thus suffer from stretch marks.


It is surprising to know that there are no side effects of the cream. We have discussed in detail the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the product. Half of those ingredients have been used individually for a long time to soothe and soften the skin. For example – 

  1. Petroleum jelly has been used as an excellent skin moisturizer for a very long time.
  2. Glycerin is a widely known commodity used for skin nourishment purposes way before the existence of the cream.
  3. The medium chain triglycerides are obtained from coconut and palm oils and chemically produced. These oils (coconut and palm), have been widely discussed and used in Ayurveda because of their skin moisturizing properties. There are households where people use coconut oil as a moisturizer during winter months rather than moisturizers.

So, with the amalgamations of such beneficial, tested and proven ingredients for the betterment of the skin, it is not hard to believe that luciara cream side effects are none.

However, if any allergic reactions like skin rashes or reddening are faced then we must consult with the doctor immediately.


Opinions and experiences matter and are very influencing while making decisions. Luciara cream reviews will help us know about the experiences of the experienced consumers and instill our belief in the product if found nice.

So, let us go through some of its reviews:

  • I have been using this product since the 3rd month of my pregnancy and reduced itchiness and dryness almost instantly. The cream is very easy to apply and absorbs into the skin quite fast.
  • I started using luciara cream during the 5th month of pregnancy. I am in my 8th month now and there are no visible scars yet. My skin stays hydrated and moisturized, with no signs of dryness or itchiness. However, the quantity of 50 gms finishes up very quickly so we have to keep on buying again and again.
  • I used luciara cream for seven months during pregnancy and still got stretch marks.

Most of the people, mainly pregnant women, were satisfied after the application of the product. However, some women were dissatisfied with the product as well. So, this helps us to understand that a single product cannot be effective for all its users. There will be some of them who might not see results due to reasons hard to predict without proper research.

So, it is advisable to take better judgment of the doctor and follow the guidelines.


Changes are good, they are healthy. Changes are important and must occur because it helps us grow and learn different perspectives about anything and everything. We should always welcome change and try to embrace it as much as possible because loathing about it is not going to switch things back.

But changes in body shape and weight can be very traumatic and difficult to embrace, especially for a woman. We have little control over the changes occurring due to hormonal imbalances as it is natural and hard to control. However, pregnancy is the time when a woman happily allows her body to grow and change.

With ongoing mood swings, morning sickness, and hormonal changes happening due to pregnancy, worrying about stretch marks can be an added pressure. This is where luciara cream comes to the rescue. Regular application of the cream will help in uplifting the pressure and allow women to enjoy their pregnancy without thinking about their post-pregnancy look. So, consult with your doctor and give it a try.

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