Stretch marks can be challenging to accept for many of us. We deal with them every time we look in the mirror. It can also be a source of dysmorphia and low self-esteem for many people in our society. While there are many home remedies that are available for you to try, none of them have scientific backing to prove them to be effective. There are surgeries of all kinds available to treat stretch marks too, but they are not affordable for the average citizen. Here is where Mederma cream comes in. It is a highly recommended cream that has a gel-like consistency. Dermatologists around the world recommend it to their patients and have signed off on its effectiveness in dealing with all kinds of scars, whether it is acne or stretch marks.

Read this article to find out more about this leading brand product available in the Indian market across retail websites!


Mederma advanced scar gel is a gel used to treat scars left by acne, stretch marks, and any areas with high pigmentation. It claims to contain a unique triple-action formula. Scar gels are mainly used to help improve skin moisture as well as elasticity of the skin, soften the texture, and improve the appearance of the scars. Mederma cream is a paraben-free cream that specializes in stretch mark removal and moisturizing them; this product might just be for you!


Merz Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1908, is the manufacturer of the Mederma scar cream. It was founded by a chemist with a scientific background. The Mederma gel is produced by this company which’s headquarters lie in Frankfurt, Germany. It is a company that believes in scientific research and revision of existing products for the purpose of updating them. They predominantly work in the industry that provides medicines for aesthetics and neurological movement disorders. It has expanded on a global scale and is largely supported as prescription medicine as well as consumer health.


  • Cepalin
    Cepalin is one of the most active ingredient in the Mederma cream besides Allantoin. It has been studied and has proven its effectiveness in reducing types of inflammation. It also helps in working on the prevention of the overproduction of collagen, which can help reduce scarring. 
  • Allantoin
    This is the other ingredient which is the other most active ingredient in the mederma ointment. It is rich in nitrogen, which helps in softening keratin which is a key ingredient in smoothening the texture of your skin. It further helps in accelerating the process of dead skins to renew. It is well known for reducing the appearance of scars.
  • Onion extract
    This ingredient is not an active ingredient. It helps soften the scars texture and the redness in the area affected through its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also, additionally, good to boost your skin’s health for fighting acne by reducing the excessive production of oil. 
  • Lecithin
    Lecithin is another inactive ingredient. It does not mean that it does not work, but it helps the main ingredients to prosper. It is an aid to the main ingredients to lock in their properties once they have penetrated the skin. It does so by providing a moisture layer. A raised scar is often part of the process of healing. However, the lecithin in this formula prevents skin from being dehydrated, which helps in increasing the effectiveness of the product.
  • Panthenol
    This is another inactive ingredient. It is yet another helper in containing all of the active ingredient’s properties into the skin and preventing any sort of evaporation. It helps in making the texture of the scar more elastic to accelerate the process of healing. It also promotes growth of the new tissue cells to allow dead cells to fade.
  • Hyaluronic acid
    Many studies have backed up this ingredient as an anti-aging element. The pharmaceutical industry has given it a lot of importance for its treatment against acne scars. It helps reduce the surrounding area’s redness and protects the skin by building a solid lipid barrier. This helps in protecting the skin that is often acne-prone. It restores the moisture capacity of your skin and provides it with it as well.
  • Bulb Extract
    It is also known as allium cepa bulb extract. While it is not an active ingredient, It ensures the penetration of this deeply to improve your skin. It contains kaempferol and quercetin, which regulate the cells that work on producing new tissues under scars. It helps in regulating the fibroblasts.
  • Xanthan
    This is yet another inactive ingredient. However, it is very important in playing the role of allowing easy and smooth application of the Mederma cream on the skin for acne scars, stretch marks, and more. It is quite a natural ingredient, often found in natural and organic skincare products. It hydrates the skin as well as improves the texture of the cream for its potent formula to work to the best of its ability.


There are many Mederma cream uses. Some of the most relevant advantages to acne and stretch marks are as follows!

  1. It helps reducing new scars effectively before they increase in pigmentation and allow the scar to take longer during the healing process.
  2. It also works significantly well on old scars; however, it requires more time to do so as the scar has already been set on your skin for a while and was not aided in its recovery process immediately.
  3. It helps moisturize the skin and prevent dry areas. With this property, it helps in getting rid of skin irritations.
  4. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce the uplifted skin textures and pimples. It aids in reducing the redness of the skin around the scars and red stretch marks.
  5. It improves the rough, crater-like texture of the skin with its ingredients that have soothing, effective properties to do the same. 
  6. It stimulates the development of new cells and the exit of old, dead skin cells that do not help in the active regeneration of the skin.
  7. It is also effective in burns and cuts- anything that can cause hyperpigmentation on the skin can prove to be a part of mederma uses.
  8. It builds a strong lipid barrier which most acne-prone skin lack. This lack of the lipid barrier only increases the possibilities of future breakouts. This possibility is significantly reduced.
  9. It improves the elasticity of your skin that aids in scar reduction.
  10. It also aids in reducing the overproduction of oil and collagen.


Every product has its fair share of problems that might occur on different skin types and treatments. To ensure the best for your skin, take note of the following points.

  1. You are advised to stop using the mederma cream if you show allergic symptoms.
  2. If your condition worsens, there are chances this product is not a good product for your skin. 



  1. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor before usage.
  2. Make sure to not use the product around sensitive areas like under your eyes or mucous membrane. Keep it strictly away from genitals.
  3. It should not be applied to fresh deep-cut wounds, animal bites, or severe burns. Consult your doctor for treatment if you are experiencing any of these instances immediately.
  4. Keep them out of reach of children.
  5. Make sure not to swallow this product as immediate medical help might be required. Contact the Poison Control Centre in such a case.
  6. Mederma cannot help with skin infections.
  7. Please follow all of the instructions mentioned on the package for best results and avoidance of unpaid for results.


It is essential to store this medicine in a room temperature. It comes in a tube, so it is easier to store, unlike glass bottles.

Here are the guided steps you can take during the application of the mederma cream:

  1. Wash your hands well and dry them well.
  2. Apply the medicine gently over the scar.
  3. Massage the medicine into the skin where the scar is attempting to prevail.
  4. Spend 2-3 minutes on the scars.
  5. Do not apply too much, or your skin might become gray and soggy.

It is recommended that you apply this product on new scars for an 8 week time period. 

It is recommended that the product is used for 3-6 months of time for old scars.

Daily usage is recommended for your skin to be used to a schedule for reworking on your scars.


Mederma offers five grams of product for the price of 245 rupees.

It also offers ten grams of the product at the price of 485 rupees.

Additionally, it also offers twenty grams of this product at the price of 825 rupees.

All of these quantities are subject to discounts—some range from 5% discount to 10%. Most retail websites offer this product and have them up for sale.


Stretch marks are one of many types of scars that help cope with the sudden shrinking or stretching of your skin. When you work out or gain weight in a particular area of your body, the collagen and elastin in your skin break down. While the skin attempts to heal itself, it still leaves behind marks. They leave behind an uplifted skin pattern. This is because the stretch marks actually are formed below the skin.

Their appearances vary based on where it is located and the person who has them. Sometimes they can appear as thin lines; for others, they may appear as thick, purple stretch marks. As they fade, they become white.


  • Growth spurts
    Teenagers during their developmental phases might notice the appearance of stretch marks around areas like thighs, arms, stomach, and other areas of their body that develop at a rapid speed known as growth spurts. It is very common and unavoidable to develop stretch marks during this time period.
  • Pregnancy
    A leading cause for stretch marks is pregnancy. If you have been pregnant or are pregnant, there is a big chance that you have been subjected to an increase in weight that results in stretch marks, and after delivery, the stretch marks can increase or deepen. It is not avoidable in a pregnancy situation; however, it can always be worked upon. 
  • Rapid weight gain
    Many people suffer from modern lifestyle diseases like obesity. Such weight gain can easily cause stretch marks to appear all over your body. This should not come off as any surprise, as weight gain is the primary reason for the development of stretch marks behind every circumstance.
  • Medicines
    Medicines like corticosteroids can decrease collagen levels in your skin that helps support you by strengthening the skin barriers. However, by decreasing them, stretch marks can start appearing more often than usual.
  • Medical conditions
    Marfan syndrome is a medical condition that causes the appearance of stretch marks. Cushing’s syndrome is also another condition where the body produces growth hormones to a large extent which causes skin fragility from the weight gained. Marfan syndrome causes the decrease in the elasticity of the skin tissues without any necessary weight gain.
  • Family history
    Genetics also play a massive role in determining weight gain, body type, and skin elasticity. If you have a family history of weight issues and skin issues, it is likely that your body is more prone to developing stretch marks easily during your growing stages and for the rest of your life.


Now that we have discussed a large part of understanding the issue of stretch marks and one of the leading skin products that can help you battle them, here are some of the ways your stretch marks can be worked upon with the help of the mederma cream.

  1. The reduction of scars is taken into account as a priority for people with stretch marks. The ingredients in mederma cream help in working on reducing the presence of dead skin cells to allow your skin to rejuvenate and be aided in the healing process.
  2. It aids in increasing the healing process for new stretch marks that have appeared on your body. Old stretch marks can be healed as well; however, it takes longer than new ones.
  3. It helps prevent the stretch marks from being present in dry areas. If your skin is dehydrated, it can possibly create skin irritations around your stretch marks.
  4. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce the uplifted skin textures of stretch marks. 
  5. Some stretch marks are red in color. Mederma cream helps in reducing the redness of the skin of the red stretch marks.
  6. It improves the rough texture of the stretch marks. 
  7. It improves the elasticity of your skin that aids in preventing new stretch marks from appearing in the future.
  8. It also aids in reducing the overproduction of oil and collagen that can cause the healing process of the scars to increase in duration.


The mederma cream is available on many retail websites. Here is some mederma cream review from the website where this cream has been purchased the most.

“Mederma Scar Gel helps in reducing stretch marks and scars from your skin… Apply twice a day to get quick and better results….” Sarbashree, Nykaa

“This is my third month, and my skin is all new, fresh, and tightened. This gel helps to rejuvenate our skin cells by maintaining the required collagen production and reduces the most stubborn pimple marks and sunburn marks. After a particular duration, it will work like a miracle. For me, it showed some visible results after two months, but after that, it has done a miraculous job. This is my third month, and all the scars are gone.” Pooja, Nykaa

“The product caused little itching at first. Later it started itching every time I used it. Friendly advice- purchase the smallest size available, so you know whether it suits you or not. Then go for the bigger one.” Harpreet, Nykaa


Whether it is because of lifestyle issues, genetics, or simply biological development- everybody has come face to face with stretch marks on their body. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on our bodies, and sometimes, they might be visible to others and can cause of dysmorphia or simple dissatisfaction with our bodies. It is a valid concern, and searching for treatment options for the same must be done from an educated headspace. 

This article has spoken about all that you need to know about stretch marks, as well as a leading medicinal product that dermatologists often recommend. Mederma cream helps in removing the dead skin cells, rejuvenating the skin, speeding up the healing process, moisturizing it. It also increases the elasticity of your skin to further prevent new stretch marks from developing. Consult your dermatologist or a professional to see if mederma cream can help you in your journey with reducing stretch marks!

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