Stretch Marks On Back

Know about the top 5 ways to get rid of stretch marks on your back here

Stretch Marks On Back – Those pink, red, purple, parallel lines across your back are neither pleasing nor attractive. These lines are stretch marks. Stretch marks on back are as common as stretch marks on other parts of your body. They start appearing when the skin dermis layer damages due to stretching beyond a limit. The most common area on the back is stretch marks in the lower back. They do not look appealing and if you deal with self-esteem issues, they can restrain you from wearing your favorite outfit. While stretch marks don’t come with a guarantee of disappearing, with some home treatments and regular care, they can fade. Initially, stretch marks are pink, purple lines. With time they turn into red, then yellow and then finally white. Once white, it takes a lot of patience and consistency to fade them away. It is easier to get rid of them when the lines are pink. As they start turning into white, it takes a lot of patience and consistency to get rid of them. While they are usually associated with females, to get stretch marks on back males are equally suspected especially during puberty(growth spurts). Stretch marks can happen for a lot of reasons but the main condition that causes stretch marks on the back is lack of collagen in your skin. Having lesser collagen and elasticity while your skin is expanding rapidly is the main reason for their appearance. 

Stretch marks on back: reasons – Stretch marks on back can be caused by many reasons and it is always good to prevent them from appearing then to make efforts to fade them. Some of the main reasons for getting stretch marks on the back are-

  1. Weight Training- Weight training is the main reason to get stretch marks on back for males. Lifting heavy weight through different parts of the body can lead the skin to stretch which can result in stretch marks.
  2. Puberty(Growth Spurts)- Puberty is another reason for getting those unwanted scars. Puberty can result in the rapid growth of different parts of your body resulting in stretch marks.
  3. Pregnancy- Pregnancy is the most common reason for females to get stretch marks. As the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes and a rapid weight gain, stretch marks come as the output of that.
  4. Muscle building- As you start building muscle, it needs more room in your body to grow. If your skin doesn’t have enough elasticity, it will lead the skin to tear resulting in stretch marks.
  5. Family History- Stretch marks can also be a result of genetics. If someone from your family has stretch marks, chances are you will also get them.

How to get rid of stretch marks on your back- While getting rid of stretch marks completely is almost impossible, you can make them fade away. They will not leave the skin but they can be avoided to get visible clearly. Here are a few tips to follow to make stretch marks on the back, less visible-

Moisturize- Moisturization helps a lot to treat these scars as they give you moisture, the elasticity of the skin can be [revented resulting in healthier skin less prone to stretch marks. Also, moisturizing skin after getting stretch marks is also important as it makes your skin look healthier that can result in less visibility of those marks.

Hydrate- There is no direct relation between stretch marks and hydration, but hydration surely improves the quality of skin resulting in a better appearance. When the skin looks healthy, stretch marks on the back become less bothersome.

Exercise- Exercising regularly helps in blood circulation which helps in the formation of new tissues. These new tissues can be a lot helpful in the reduction of stretch marks on the back.

Collagen- Eat fruits and vegetables that offer a heavy amount of collagen. As stretch marks are the result of collagen layer tearing due to expansion of skin, the formation of new collagen certainly helps in reducing their appearance and can also fade them away.

Healthy Lifestyle- Most of the health problems we face today are a result of a poor lifestyle. Time constraint is a common problem with everyone in this fast-paced world that results in poor lifestyle choices. Having a balanced diet, clean and organic food, taking time for exercising, or even drinking enough water are a few examples of a good lifestyle that is often gets ignored. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will surely prove to be helpful in the prevention of getting stretch marks and even reducing their appearance.

Stretch marks on back are very common these days and they are nothing but a sign of change in your body. While prevention of getting stretch marks is always better them curing them. With time and regular care of skin, they can be faded away improving skin appearance.

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