Stretch Marks On Hips

7 ways to deal with stretch marks on hips: Know the best recommendations here

Stretch marks on hips are quite normal. A lot of people face it, in fact, almost 80% of people face it. While they are completely harmless and don’t affect you medically, they can affect your self-esteem and make you concerned about your body. Stretch marks on the buttocks happen for the same reason as stretch marks on any other body part. Elastin and collagen play a major role in their appearance. They appear when the skin of the buttocks stretches or shrinks rapidly having less elasticity and collagen. When the skin stretches it creates tiny tears in the dermis layer of the skin. Besides weight changes, it has few other reasons as well including puberty, muscle building, and pregnancy. Once rigid, they do not fade away easily, but with proper treatments, they can get fad. The idea is to catch them young and start treating them. While the internet is loaded with stretch marks on hips removal tips, it is important to know the reason behind them and work on them accordingly. 

Here are a few major reasons for getting stretch marks on hips-

  • Weight Gain- This is one of the major reasons for the appearance of stretch marks. When the body puts on weight rapidly, the collages get damages due to excess expanding resulting in those stikes showing up. While stretch marks are most common in women. While it’s common in women to get stretch marks on hips, male can also face it due to weight gain. 
  • Muscle Building- Muscle Building and workouts are also a common cause of stretch marks on hips. It is especially observed in males as they then grow their muscles relatively faster than women which causes their skin to stretch resulting in stretch marks.
  • Puberty (Growth Spurt)- Puberty comes with a lot of changes physically. One of which is that the body starts growing rapidly. This rapid growth of the body can also be a reason for stretch marks on the buttocks. Having stretch marks on hips teenagers start feeling low self-confidence and can have a problem with body acceptance.
  • Pregnancy- Another major known reason for stretch marks is pregnancy. During pregnancy, women tend to gain weight. If the weight gain happens rapidly, they are suspicious to stretch maks. Pregnancy causes stretch marks to different areas of the body including the hips.

Having stretch marks is nothing new, most people face it and many accept it as a part of their body. But for some people, it can get troublesome. But, if you know how to remove stretch marks on hips, you can slowly make them fade away

Here are the following ways to deal with the stretch marks on hips

  • Use proper nutrients- Using proper nutrients and micronutrients can help you fade the stretch marks. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Zinc are some crucial components to reduces stretch marks. Use a healthy and balanced diet that can improve your skin health. Vitamin C is also responsible for collagen. Stretch marks appear when collagen breaks down and having collagen in your diet can help you fight that.
  • Hydrate- Sufficient supply of water adds a lot to overall health including the skin. The skin condition improves resulting in better-looking skiing that can reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Moisturize- Moisturizing skin with a lotion that gives a kong lasting moisturization also helps in stretch marks. The skin depends on n moisture for elasticity. If the skin is moisturized enough, it will have the elasticity that can prevent stretch marks to appear
  • Exfoliate- Exfoliation is another skincare regime that can help the skin to improve and look good. Exfoliation prompts blood circulation increasing overall skin quality.
  • Exercise- Exercising regularly prompts blood flow and produces anti-oxidants which are also responsible for the production of new collagen. Collagen damage being responsible for stretch marks, new collagen will help to fade them away.
  • Use Vitamin E- Vitamin E does wonders for your skin and has proven properties to improve your skin. It works as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage, improving skins condition. It also penetrates deep into the body, so, massaging vitamin E oil can be a great addition to reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Avoid tight clothing- When you use tight clothes around your butts, The tension around the skin increases that can cause stretch marks. Especially during pregnancy, you have to avoid tight clothing and let your skin breath to avoid stretch marks on hips.

Stretch Marks is no alien to the world and there are plenty of people facing the same so they won’t let you feel bad about them. So, losing self-esteem is not worth it and consistent work on it will fade away eventually.

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