stretch marks on shoulder

Stretch Marks On Shoulder

Stretch Marks On Shoulder – Stretch Marks are quite common and may appear anywhere on the body. However, stretch marks on the shoulders might appear if you’ve done intense workouts or gained weight at a rapid pace. This happens as skin on your shoulders expands quickly to accommodate the increasing muscle mass. Men are more prone to developing these marks on the shoulders as compared to women.

The reason being their high testosterone levels which aids in developing muscle mass faster , leading the skin to feel pressured and eventually getting ruptured. Stretch Marks on shoulders can be really heart breaking especially if you have worked diligently to attain your perfect body but got stretch marks instead. So,here are a few tips to help prevent stretch marks from occurring on the shoulders.

Following an exercise routine that leads to gradual muscle mass gain can help prevent these marks to a great extent as the skin gets time to adjust to the change in muscle mass.

Secondly, steroids and other supplements should be completely avoided as they lead to rapid muscle gain accelerating the development of stretch marks. Taking a balanced diet and avoiding junk food helps maintain the ideal body weight and lastly keep the skin moisturized as dry skin is more susceptible in getting you stretch marks.

While stretch marks never go away completely, they can be minimized by using proper treatments and products that suit your skin . Trust the process and be patient with your stretch marks.

6 Effective methods to get rid of stretch marks from your shoulder

Stretch marks on shoulder are very common among people in their teenage, pregnancy or sudden weight gaining phase. We understand that stretch marks can be quite itchy and painful from time to time, but they’re usually harmless. Stretch marks are nothing but a sign that your skin is being unable to comprehend the speed of your body’s weight gain. 

Stretch marks in shoulders are pretty common for people in their adolescence. Even though stretch marks aren’t alarming, they can be quite painful when you lift heavy weights or bend down. 

Why do you have stretch marks on shoulder?

Having stretch marks on the shoulder can be very stressful but let’s dive in to understand what causes such stretch marks in the first place. Our skin consists of ‘collagen’ which usually maintains the elasticity of your skin. Whenever your body undergoes rapid weight gain, weight loss or height increase, the collagen faces a hard time to maintain the pace of growth which causes stretch marks on your skin. Among all the reasons, body-building and gymming is one of the major reasons why you’ve to bear such stretch marks on shoulder.

How to prevent stretch marks on the shoulder?

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a high chance that you’ve recently started bodybuilding and you’ve now realized that a part of fitness can sometimes backfire too . Either this, or you’ve suddenly gained a lot of weight either due to inactivity during lockdown or that neverending stress in your life, right? Either way, everyone deserves happiness and a beautiful skin with no stretch marks. Let’s see some of the ways which will help you understand how can you prevent stretch marks on your shoulder:

  1. Have a healthy schedule: Gym lovers are fit and sexy but they aren’t always consistent. If you sometimes skip your workouts and sometimes just do it too much, the intensity of your weight gain fluctuates. The key to avoiding stretch marks on your shoulder is to gain muscles at a slow and steady rate. This will allow collagen to maintain the elasticity of your skin and still keep you painless and smiling. 
  2. Pay attention to your meals: Rather than 100% blaming the weight gain of your body, give a thought to yourself if this is your ignorance towards the health of your skin. From time to time, it is important to ensure that you have enough vitamins, zinc and antioxidants in your meal to treat your skin with love and nutrition. 
  3. Don’t leave it dry: If you don’t want your skin to treat you harshly, you must keep it happy and nourished at all times. Use cocoa butter, shea butter, lotions and skin care products with vitamin A to keep your skin healthy and alive. 

And, if the damage is done – How to get rid of stretch marks on shoulders?

  1. Cosmetic Treatment – If you need the result right away, and with a 100% success rate, cosmetic treatment can be one of the great options. It is quite expensive but they will never fail you. 
  2. Aloe vera gel – If you believe in going natural with home remedies, aloe vera can be your guy. Aloe vera has excellent healing properties which nourishes the skin and helps you to get rid of those cracking stretch marks. Apply aloe vera gel to your stretch marks thrice a day, and see the magic happen. 
  3. Coconut oil – One of the easiest and low-key ways to deal with stretch marks is to use virgin coconut Also, no, we really don’t mean your coconut hair oil, it has to be an unprocessed coconut oil which hasn’t been mixed with any of the artificials. If you find virgin coconut oil, use it twice a day and you’ll notice good results. 
  4. Shea butter – Shea butter is one of the most powerful moisturizers for skin which has a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to repair the damaged skin cells and offers a smooth and healthy skin. You can gently apply shea butter to your stretch marks once a day and watch them disappear with time. 
  5. Cocoa butter – Cocoa butter has a special property unlike all the butters out there. It gets absorbed not just in the top layer, but also in the middle layer of your skin known as the dermis. Cocoa butter is the only butter that can achieve this and hence, it helps you to retain moisture a lot faster and it heals such stretch marks quickly. 
  6. Vedascure stretch marks removal cream: With the smartness of Ayurveda, rather than trying so many things, you can rely on just one. This stretch marks removal cream has cocoa butter, shea butter, argan oil, almond oil, olive and vitamin E to help you get rid of those tiresome stretch marks in one shot without spending much.

In conclusion

Next time you think about “how to remove stretch marks from shoulders”, just recall being consistent with your exercise and nourishing your skin with the right products. 

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