Stretch Marks On Thighs

What causes stretch marks on thighs? Know about prevention and treatment here.

Stretch marks on thighs are a natural skin condition that occurs when the skin collagen tears apart leaving a mark on the skin. The tearing happens when the skin stretches rapidly due to any possible reason and there is no sufficient elasticity in the skin to handle this stretching of skin. Stretch marks on legs are common among people and almost 50 to 80% of people face the problem of stretch marks on legs. While there is no guarantee of fading them away completely, this appearance can be reduced with a certain care. In any case, it is best to prevent stretch marks to appear at all.

Stretch marks are initially pink in colour, as they grow old they change their colour to red, brown, white and at maturity they become silver. While silver stretch marks are not much visible colourwise, they leave skin textured and different from the skin around them that makes them appear on the skin. It is always a good idea to start treating the stretch marks as early as possible if you failed to prevent yourself from getting some.

They say, prevention is always better than cure, it is best suitable in the case of stretch marks as treating them and getting rid of them completely is still a dream of many. So, know how to prevent stretch marks on thighs and gift yourself stretch marks free thighs of you haven’t got already.

Read below to know what causes stretch marks on thighs-

Stretch Marks on tighs due to puberty– Stretch marks are a common happening in teenagers while achieving puberty. The growth spurts result in the growth of different parts of the body resulting in a rapid expansion of skin. 

Stretch Marks due to weight gain- Stretch marks on thighs can also appear as a result of weight gain. Gaining weight at a rapid pace makes the skin stretch that stimulates stretch marks. So it is advisable not to gain weight rapidly. If you notice yourself gaining eight rapidly, seek help and control your weight. Even if you need to gain weight for a healthy body, gaining steadily is the key. Be steady and let the sin deal with it slowly and your skin will not show up stretch marks.

Pregnancy- Getting stretch marks is very common in pregnant women. A study showed, 8 out of 10 women experience stretch marks thighs being a target body part too. During pregnancy the body goes through a lot of changes, weight gain being one of them. Even when it is good to gain some healthy weight, Stretch marks can peep through the skin leaving permanent scars. It is advisable to gain weight steadily and seek a doctor’s help with a guideline of healthy weight gain to reduce the chance of getting stretch marks. 

Muscle Gain- Muscle growth also needs the skin to expand to create room for the muscle. This expansion can lead to tearing skin tissues resulting in stretch marks. To prevent yourself from getting stretch marks, target for gradual muscle growth. Do not go for steroids and any other thing take gives you rapid muscle growth. Slow and gradual muscle growth will give your skin space to go through the changes in a healthier way. It can get ready with time for more growth preventing you from stretch marks.

Genetics- Genetics are also a common cause of developing stretch marks. If anyone from your family has to stretch marks, your chances of getting them are high. To prevent yourself from getting stretch marks to prepare your skin for them. Leaned a healthy lifestyle is key. Regular exercising and having a diet rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and zinc can help you prevent those unwanted scars.

Cushing Syndrom- Cushing syndrome or hypercortisolism happens when the level of cortisol hormones increase rapidly. While the cortisol hormones are produced by adrenal glands, taking corticosteroid medications can increase the level of these hormones. Stretch marks are one of the many symptoms of Cushing syndom.

Even after all the precautions, you can not prevent yourself from getting stretch marks on thighs, here are some treatments you can go for-

Exfoliate- Regular exfoliation can help get rid of stretch marks. While exfoliation is not enough for the treatment of mature stretch marks, it removes dead skin and foram new skin which can help other treatments to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Topical creams- Topical creams can be used after a doctor’s prescription that can help you lighten the stretchmarks reducing their treatment.

Microdermabrasion- It is a painless process that tightens the elastin fibers and stimulates the growth of collagen fading away from the stretch marks. It targets the upper layer of the skin.

Microneedling- This process target the middle layer of skin called demise. This is the layer where stretch marks are caused. In this procedure, needles are poked into your skin to trigger collagen production that can reducing stretch marks.

While these treatments can work effectively, it is observed that removing stretch marks completely is a rough path. In any case, it does not happen and if happens it takes a lot of time and consistency. In any case, it is better to prevent them than to treat them.

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